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Hello Everyone! I'm really happy you stopped by! Some of you may already know me from some other sites. And here comes the story about how i started modeling.. i was offered to do several photo sets for some multimodel sites and as i was on holidays and didn't have anything else to do, i agreed. Some time after that a webmaster of one of those sites started forwarding me dozens and dozens of mails every day written by my new fans saying how much they liked me. I was so happy to recieve all those compliments that i started thinking of opening a site of my own. I wanted to do something special for my fans, so my webmaster and i started studying what were the most succesful sets, which pictures and poses people liked best. I really think we did a good job working on my new site and now i'm proud to present you CAMILE18.COM!

Please take the tour to get an idea of what's waiting for you inside!


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